Recent Events

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences 18/19 March

As you will be aware, the forthcoming Parent Teacher Conferences are primarily designed to achieve the following:

  • To formally meet to share information which will provide both parties with a better understanding of your child, including their interests (academic, cultural, sporting, recreational), successes, aspirations, and other factors (e.g health) which may have an affect on your child’s education, health and well-being.
  • To allow you to share your aspirations and goals for the year.

Discussions will be limited to 15 minutes, and if more time is needed an arrangement can be made for a later meeting.  Because of a very tight interview timetable it is essential that you arrive on time.  Children are not required to attend these meetings.

Meet the Teacher

This Thursday at 5:00pm is meet the teacher evening.
We meet in the hall at 5pm and then head to your child's class to find out about what they will be up to this term and throughout 2015

Information for 2015

Stationary for 2015 can be purchased online from My School stationary ordering

The Activity Fee and School Donation amount will be sent home in a letter in week 1 of 2015. This can be paid by Automatic payment, direct debit or directly into the office.

The office is open from 21st January 2015

Term dates for 2015

Term 1 
2nd February to 2nd April
Term 2
20th April to 3rd July
Term 3
20th July to 25th September
Term 4
12th October to 16th December