Maraetai Beach School will shortly be conducting their mid-year reporting, namely, Student Led Conferences (SLC). These are structured presentations led by your child, whereby they will outline in some detail their progress to date, learning goals and needs, and use their work in assorted forms to demonstrate progress.  We believe that children who take responsibility for their own learning and can talk about their progress throughout the year are more engaged in their learning.  Throughout the year learning outcomes are stated with the children being able to target learning and report on their own progress.

Each SLC is planned for 15 minutes in total.During the course of the presentations, please feel free to ask your child questions, or seek clarification of a point, without upsetting the continuity of the process.

The pupils have put in considerable work and effort so that they are quite au fait with their 2016 learning journey. As such, it is very important that on the day of the presentation they have someone to present to.  If you, or another delegated family member is unavailable, please let us know so that one of our senior leadership team members can ‘act as the parent’.  Please do not bring other siblings to the presentation, and please turn off your cellphones so as to avoid any possible distractions.

As they are evidence of learning, children’s books can be taken home the night of the SLC so that you can view them at your leisure but they will need to be returned to school the following day to enable work to continue.

At the end of the SLC, you will be provided with a copy of the Mid Year report, which has been completed by the classroom teacher.

An Art Exhibition will be on display in the hall.  Please take the time to view the exhibition either before or after your child’s SLC.  

To book an SLC, you need to book online at The school code you will need to enter is needj. You will need to enter your details and choose your childs classroom teacher. If internet access is a problem or you need help please contact Linda or Tristan in the office. This will need to be done before Friday 1 July.

Please note that some of the ‘newer’ Year 1 students will not have SLCs at this time (a separate letter will follow).

On Tuesday 5 July,  children will be dismissed from their class at 12:30pm. Any students not going home will go to the hall and can be picked up at 3pm as usual. On Wednesday 6 July school finishes at the normal time. If your child is staying to 3pm on the 5th please contact the school office to let them know.

Parent Teacher Conferences 13/14 April

As you will be aware, the forthcoming Parent Teacher Conferences are primarily designed to achieve the following:

  • To formally meet to share information which will provide both parties with a better understanding of your child, including their interests (academic, cultural, sporting, recreational), successes, aspirations, and other factors (e.g health) which may have an affect on your child’s education, health and well-being.
  • To allow you to share your aspirations and goals for the year.

School will finish at 12:30pm on Wednesday 13 April 2016.  Parents are encouraged to collect their children at 12:30pm.  If your child requires supervision at school until 3.00pm please complete the bottom of the form sent home.

Discussions will be limited to 15 minutes, and if more time is needed an arrangement can be made for a later meeting.  Because of a very tight interview timetable it is essential that you arrive on time.  

Interviews are booked online. You will need to book online at
The school code you will need to enter is  75y5r. You will need to enter your details and choose your child’s classroom teacher. If internet access is a problem or you need help please contact Linda or Tristan in the office ( or phone on 536 6570. This will need to be done by Friday 8 April.

Thank you for your assistance

Easter Holidays

Please note school will be closing as usual at 3pm on Thursday 24 March, and reopening after Easter at 9am Wednesday 30 March

School will be closed next Tuesday 29 March

ERO Report Received

Our report from the Education Review Office has been received.  To view the report, please follow the below link:

Easter Picnic

Our MBS Annual Easter Picnic will be held on Friday 18 March from 5pm.  There will be class stalls and lots of fun activities for the children.  

Bring a picnic to enjoy on our school field or buy your dinner at the PTA BBQ! 

We look forward to seeing you there.
Thanks to TSC Hire who are supporting us at our Easter Picnic on Friday 18 March.  Click on the below link to go through to their website