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Student Goal Setting

At Maraetai Beach School, it is recognised that effective goal setting is a vital part of the teaching and learning process. While goals can be utilised within and across all curriculum and extra-curricular areas, they have an extremely important role in directing learning, and reporting progress, in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We have developed Kidspeak goals for each level in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, based on the Literacy Progressions, Numeracy Stages, and the New Zealand Curriculum. Teachers work alongside students in all goal setting.


  • At all levels, each child will have access to the appropriate Kidspeak goal sheets which show presently identified goals and next steps.
  • Goal sheets will be housed in students books.
  • As part of self-assessment practices at our school, students will be encouraged to monitor their own progress towards achieving their goals. Likewise, they will also be expected to initiate a conference with their teacher when they feel that a goal(s) can be attested. They need to provide evidence of consistent performance as part of this process.
  • Goals to be achieved should be highlighted in yellow. As goals are achieved or attested, they should be highlighted in green through consultation with students. Teachers will conference with students to highlight their goals.
  • In the process of achieving a goal, teachers and pupils must recognise that they can often achieve another goal quite incidentally. The process must therefore be fluid and flexible.
  • Students are encouraged to be actively involved in the assessment of their peers against agreed criteria and as such, could support the goal attestation of other students.
  • Students are expected to be able to articulate their learning goals in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • The concept of goal setting, reflection on goals and the class requirements is taught to all students as part of the classroom programme.
  • The goal-setting process is an integral part of the culture of our school.

Download the following Documents:

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Reading Kidspeak Goals

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Writing Kidspeak Goals

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