All students are expected to participate in physical education lessons, fitness, and organised sport, depending on age and ability.

Every child in Year 3-8 needs to have a sports uniform at school every day.

Our children in the senior school are involved in a number of ECCS (Eastern Counties Country Schools) and HPPA (Howick Pakuranga Principals Association) sporting events competing against other school from the local area.

Year 1 and 2 Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP)

  • PMP aims to develop your child's perceptions of height and space. It also develops the pattern and order of their natural world, and the laws and limitations that govern the human body. The programme also assists your child in gaining confidence within themselves.
  • Students will have sessions 3 times a week at various times. If you would like to be involved and help with the organisation of this please let the Junior School Team leader know.