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Maraetai Beach School 2023 School Donation Expenses

Dear Maraetai Beach School Families

The Board of Trustees is requesting from all families a donation per child for the 2023 school year.  

The Board of Trustees has reviewed the donation request policy and has decided to keep the donation structure as outlined. Our intent is to gain a high level of uptake by all of our families whilst still keeping this an affordable cost. There has been no change to our donation cost  from 2022. 

Below is the donation structure:

1 Child - $230
2 Children - $415
3+ Children - $520

Maraetai Beach School has a low Ministry of Education equity Index (EI) rating. As such, we receive the lowest possible level of funding from the Government to run our school.  The Government currently funds schools (with higher equity index ratings) $150 per student in lieu of seeking parent donations.  Maraetai Beach School does not qualify for this. Maraetai Beach School does rely on donations to ensure the schools’ finances and resources work in the best possible way and we can continue to deliver a high quality education for every child. Your donation forms a vital part of the finance plan, included in our budget and resource allocations for the 2023 school year.

Receipts will be issued for all donations so that you can claim back the tax if you wish.

Some examples of where our school allocates your donation include (but are not limited to):
  • Funding of additional teaching staff to keep class sizes as small as possible 
  • Additional funding of Learning Assistants  to support our students 
  • Funding for  additional support and extension programmes 
  • Curriculum resourcing to ensure the best for our students
  • Digital Technology equipment 

In order to provide the best possible opportunities for our children the Board sincerely hopes that they can rely on your continued support and payment of the school donation. 

When you make your school donation in myKindo for 2023, you will see the option to opt-in to Supergenerous when you pay.  Kindo and Supergenerous work together to lodge your donation rebate claim with the IRD.  They do all the hard work for your and give you the option to regift your 33% tax rebate to Maraetai Beach School as a new donation.  It’s an awesome way to make your donation go further.  Find out more about Supergenerous.

Activity Cost
In addition to the donations outlined above, we have outlined the Activity costs for the 2023 school year. Costs for these extra-curricular activities are compulsory.  Your payment ensures that all students are able to benefit from participating in these special experiences.  The activity cost is outlined overleaf and is linked specifically to year group activities. 

The activity cost does not cover school camps. Details of this will be communicated to the year groups specifically. 

Please make payment through the KINDO website from Term 1 2023.  Receipts will be issued for all donations so that you can claim back the tax if you wish.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss the payment options available, in confidence, please contact Tristan in the office or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Donations in excess of the requested donation amount are always welcomed. We do appreciate your support of our school not only from a donation request, but in the many other ways you support us with school events and activities.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Maraetai Beach School
Board of Trustees

A Personal Tax Rebate may be claimed from the Inland Revenue Department for up to ⅓ of all donations made to state schools and other charitable organisations.  To claim the rebate you must keep your receipts and send them to the Inland Revenue Department with your claim form.  Each receipt must be for $5 or more.  Claims must be submitted to the Inland Revenue Department on an IR526 claim form (download from

2023 Activity Costs
For the full list of Activity costs for this year, please click here
These costs may be paid for in bulk, or as they occur, depending on your preference using Kindo.

Go to or click on the link through the school shop on our website