Maraetai Beach School is a Decile 10 school. As such, we receive the lowest possible level of funding from the Government to run our school.  The senior leadership team and BOT work extremely hard throughout the year to manage these funds and ensure that our students get the best possible education.  In addition to this, our teachers, support staff and PTA work tirelessly throughout the year fundraising to help provide the resources our children require.  However, Maraetai Beach School does rely on donations to ensure the schools’ finances and resources work in the best possible way.  These donations form a vital part of the finance plan, included in our budget and resource allocations for the  school year.

While we have a low level of funding allocated through the decile system, the political philosophy behind a decile ranked school is that the community augments the school funding through a collective capability. We are at the top end of the decile scale and therefore your donations are used to provide additional resources to help ensure all of our students have the opportunity to succeed and excel in school life.

Here is the donation structure:

1 child          - $220.00
2 children     - $395.00
3+ children     - $495.00

Examples of where the school allocates your donation include (but are not limited to):

  • iPads, laptops, and other class technology
  • Teacher aides and additional staffing not funded by the Ministry of Education, to assist students including those with learning and support needs
  • Support and extension programmes not funded by the MoE such as Literacy support and Mathematics
  • School environment and improvements, play equipment, maintenance and operation of the school pool
  • Professional development for our teachers so they can continue to help students obtain outstanding results in academic achievement that Maraetai Beach School delivers and our community expects
  • Art and cultural programmes
  • Sporting programme and initiatives
  • Music programme and resources

In order to provide the best possible opportunities for our children the Board sincerely hopes that they can rely on your continued support and payment of this donation.

To pay this donation, and any other school costs, log in to your childs account through Kindo.