Year 3 to 8 BYOD 

Maraetai Beach School has teamed up with Office Max to help you decide on the best choice of device for your child. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a term used to describe students bringing their own electronic devices to access technology at school. At Maraetai Beach School students from Year 3 are strongly encouraged to do this.

OfficeMax has worked with our school to determine the right devices for your child and their classroom environment. By choosing a device from the MySchool website you’re guaranteed to have chosen the right device for your child’s needs. In some cases the right device is dependent on your child’s year level, so please make sure you select the correct year and you will be shown the applicable devices that have been approved by your school.

All technology devices approved by your school have a minimum 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

When you order a device through MySchool it will be sent to the address you have provided on checkout. Devices are delivered directly to your home and a signature is required. If you are not home a calling card will be left for nearby collection.

Unsure if the B.Y.O.D. device you’re interested in meets your school’s requirements?

Need help with a device you’ve already purchased? Call us on 0800 724 440 and ask to talk to our Technology Helpdesk.

Search for your school or click here –
Click ‘Start’ next to the second option called
‘View devices recommended by your school’.

The devices offered through Office Max are guaranteed to comply with the school’s unique operating environment, however devices can be purchased from other retailers as long as they comply with our school guidelines. As a school we prefer students to use Chromebooks, however students can also bring a notebook or laptop with the following features:

  • Wifi capability
  • Minimum 6 hours of battery life
  • Minimum screen size of 11 inches
  • Ability to capture photos or videos
  • Headset for privacy when engaging in work
  • Google Chrome


BYOD Presentation 2020