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Sunshine Online


Sunshine Online is a literacy based website used in primary school literacy programmes across New Zealand. It has been designed to help children aged 4 to 10+ to learn to read and develop the skills needed for continuing reading independence and success. Sunshine Online features over 560 e-books (most of them animated) along with 1000 fun, interactive activities and games.

At Maraetai Beach School, teachers use Sunshine Online in their class, as a powerful learning resource, for students to learn to read, and develop reading comprehension skills.

At home, we encourage our parents/caregivers to make use of our shared school account, to provide their child/ren with added reading practice, along with regular reading for home learning. 

MBS shared school account:

Username: maraetaibeachschool   
Password: maraetai




Mathletics is an online programme that is designed to provide students with an engaging and safe mathematics learning space. The content has be specifically created to follow the NZ Curriculum requirements and outcomes. Mathletics allows teachers to differentiate learning to meet the needs of individual students. Through Mathletics teachers are able to target specific learning needs, adapt content as necessary, provide for consolidation of basic core skills, and assess learning progress.

Mathletics at MBS

Every week students are set 3-4 learning related tasks that are specific to their learning needs. Completing these tasks are a requirement before students can progress onto Live Mathletics. As part of home learning, students are expected to achieve 1000 points through Live Mathletics each week. Using Live Mathletics at home is a fantastic opportunity to consolidate basic core skills, and develop speed and accuracy.

Students are able to gain rewards and certificates for their efforts. Mathletics is most effective when students complete activities with limited support and use the ‘help’ avatar if they get stuck. This will allow for the most accurate evidence of understanding for the teacher to plan for their next learning steps.

Parent Information http://nz.mathletics.com/homesubscriptions/

Student sign in http://nz.mathletics.com